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Tours in Amdo

18 days overland tour, covering the most famours sceneries in Amdo
Train Journey on Tibetan Plateaus
Amdo trek, from Labrang monastery to Kumbum monastery
Trek around the sacred mountain Amnye Machen
Trek from Lake Kokonor to Monastery Kumbum
Yak butter sculpture of Monastery Kumbum
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Tours in Kham

Overland tour from Chengdu to Lhasa 18 days
Overland tour from Chengdu to Shangrila(Yunnan) 16 days
Photo expeditions from Xining to Chengdu
Kham discovering tour
Kham trek, trek near the Sacred mountain Minya Konka
Overland tour,from Lhasa to Chengdu via Shangrila
Trek around sacred mountain Meili
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tours in tar

Tours in Central Tibet (TAR)

18 days tour in TAR
6 days tour in TAR
Tours of Lhasa - Gyangtse - Shigatse - Dingri - Zhangmu
Lhasa -Namtso Lake - Gyangtse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest 10 days
4 days tour in TAR
Trek around Lake Namtso
Gang Rinpoche Trek( trek around everest)
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Labrang festival

Tours during Tibetan festivals

Monlam Festival, Tibetan new year celebration tour in 2010
Jyekundo (Yushu) horse race festival tour 2009
Losar festivals tours in Amdo region in 2010
Repkong Sharman Festival
Horse race festival, Jyekundo and Litang all together
monlam festival tour 2009
Nyingmapa Monastery festival
Yak butter sculpture
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Trek tours on Tibet plateau

Amdo Trek-Labrang to Kumbum
Amnye Machen Trek of Amdo
Kailash trek
Mt. Meili trek of Kham
Trek from Lake Kokonor to Kumbum Monastery
Trek around Lake Namtso
Mt.Minya Konka trek of Kham
Trek at Nyenpo Yutse of amdo
Deger Trek with Lithang horse race festival
4 days trek from Yulung Latso to Deger

China greatwall

Tours in Mainland China

Beijing Qufu Nanjing Wuxi Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai (15 Day)
Beijing Xi'an Chengdu Kunming Guilin Yangshuo Hangzhou Suzhou Shanghai (20 Day)
Beijing Xi'an chengdu Kunming Guiyang Guangzhou (14 Day)
Beijing Xi'an Guilin Suzhou Shanghai (13 Day)
Beijing Xi'an Luoyang Nanjing Wuxi Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai (16 Day)
Beijing Xi'an Shanghai Hangzhou Guilin Yangshuo Hong Kong (15 Day)

silk road

Silk Road Tours

Beijing Urumqi Kashgar Turpan Dunhuang Xi'an Shanghai (16 Day)
Beijing Urumqi Turpan Kashgar Dunhuang Jiayuguan Lanzhou Xi'an Shanghai (16 Day)
Beijing Lanzhou Xiahe jiayuguan Dunhuang Turpan Kashgar Urmuqi Shanghai (17 Day)

Valuable informations

Altitude sickness
Tibet train schedule
Tibetan Buddhism
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