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Amdo trek

  From Kumbum monastery to Korkornor lake  



Kumbum monastery is one of largest Gelupa monasteries in Amdo, it is very famous for its fame of Tsongkaba's birthplace with one history of nearly 600 years and its big architecture groups.

Kookornor lake is one big salt lake 150 kilometers in the south-west of Kumbum monastery. Local people also regard the lake is one holy place.




Day 1. Arrival of Beijing hotel

Day 2. Visit heavenly temple in the morning and take a flight to Xining hotel

Day 3. Drive to Lijiaxia dam lake and take a boat to Nanzong nunnery and visit Danxia landscape drive back Xining in the afternoon Tibetan hotel

Day 4. Start trekking from Kumbum to Jingfangtai (one very small meditation monastery of Kumbum) visit Farmer Tibetan village camping

Day 5. Jingfangtai trek to Nanfoshan (Rock hill and the landscape is very beautiful and changed) visit one Daoism temple on the cliff camping

Day 6. Nanfoshan trek to Damoshigou along rock hill, visit forest and one very old water power stone grinding mine in a village camping

Day 7. Damoshigou trek to Dashimentan crossing one mountain along oneZig-Zag small road camping

Day 8. Dashimentan trek to Dongchatan cross one pass camping

Day 9. Dongchatan trek to Baimuxia pass through one very narrow valley along one little river camping

Day10. Baimuxia trek to Benkangtai crossing one rock hill, camping

Day11. Benkangtai trek to Ri-yue Mt. (Sun-Moon Mt.) visit Sun-Moon Mt. pavilions there camping

Day12. Ri-yue Mt. trek to Dandou village (One Mongolian village) camping

Day13. Dandou village trek to Yuanzhe monastery camping

Day14. Yuanzhe monastery trek to the bank of Korkornor lake, holding one bonfire meeting camping

Day15. Visit korkornor lake and random in the desert on the bank of lake, drive back Xining in the afternoon hotel

Day16. Take a flight from Xining to Beijing hotel

Day17. Exit 


1860 USD / pax 1 person

1640 USD / pax 2 persons

1440 USD / pax 3-5 persons

1360 USD / pax 6-9 persons

1280 USD / pax Above 10 persons


1. Flights: Beijing/Xining Xining/Beijing

2.Hotels, foreign language guides in city, English and Tibetan guide in mountain, cook, cook helper, yaks, yak drivers, cooking tents, mess tents, toilet tents, chairs, all food, mattresses.

No including:

1.Sleeping bags, Sleeping tents. 

2.Tips for staff 


We can also arrange and change our routes according to your any requests.




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