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Pilgrimage Trekking around the Holy Mt.Meili

Duration: 20 days

Highlights: Kunming, the city of eternal spring, Zhongdian, Deqin,

Best time for this tour: May,Sep,Oct

Group Size: 2-12 Participants

Day by Day itinerary


D1 Arrive in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, meet at airport and transfer to a 4 star hotel.


D2 Take a morning flight to Zhongdian, then drive 186 km to Deqin, en route, visit Dongzhulin Monastery, sightseeing in White Horse Snow Mountain which is a national level nature reserve. Stay in a 3 star hotel in Deqin.


D3 Drive 50 km from Deqin to Yangza village(1960m), hire horses and horsemen to take your backpack and all the supplies. Then trek for 3 hours to Yongbao village where elevation is about 2480m. Camping in Yongbao village.


D4 Trek about 8 hours from Yongbao to Yongxitong(3100m), Camping.


D5 Relax in Yongxitong for one day, this is a very pretty place where you can pick many edible mushrooms for your lunch and dinner. Camping.


D6 Trek about 8 hours from Yongxitong to Zisutong, en route you will cross the Douge Rila Mt. Pass where elevation is about 4487m; Camping in Zisutong.


D7 Trek about 8 hours from Zisutong to Qunatong which is a highland pasture in Chayu county of Tibet. Stay in a log cabin or camping. Tigers often be sighted by local Tibetans.


D8 Trek about 8 hours from Qunatong to Abing village, en route you will see many Mani stones and a special spot with a lot of bowls and old clothes because every passerby will leave one bowl and one old clothes to this place. the Tibetan legend said by doing so one can enjoy a never-hungry and never-cold next life. Abing is a village nearly no western traveler has been and the villagers are very simple and hospitable. Stay in Tibetan house.


D9 Relax in Abing village, visit the local Tibetan families. Enjoy a bonfire party at night in the square of the local elementary school.


D10 Trek about 6 hours from Abing village to Qizhu, en route you will see many ancient stone carves on the cliff, one of the stones is a must-touch for all the pilgrims, sightseeing at the confluence of Nu River and Abing River, enjoy a hot spring bath by the side of the river where elevation is about 1780m. If you like fishing, here is a good place. Camping.


D11 Trek about 7 hours from Qizhu to Chanan village where elevation is 2500m. Stay in the local Tibetan house.


D12 Trek about 2 hours from Chanan to Gebu and have one day rest. Stay in the local Tibetan house.


D13 Trek about 9 hours from Gebu to Ladilazan, en route you will cross the Gebula sacred mountain pass where the elevation is about 4100m. Camping.


D14 Trek about 3 hours from Ladilazan Shulaka where elevation is about 3090m. Camping.


D15 Trek about 9 hours from Shulaka to Soula mountain pass where the elevation is about 4815m, then trek down and camp in Duotong which is 3200m high.


D16 Trek about 5 hours from Duotong to Maylishi village, where elevation is 2150m, then drive 58 km back to Deqin. Stay in the 3 star hotel. 


D17 Drive 186 km from Deqin to Zhongdian, en route sightseeing at Napa Lake which is a nature reserve for bird protection, upon arrival in Zhongdian, visit the Songzanlin Monastery which is the largest Gelupa style temple in Yunnan with more than 800 monks and 3 living buddhas. Stay in a 4 star hotel.


D18 Drive 200 km from Zhongdian to Lijiang, on the way, sightseeing in the Tiger-leaping Gorge which is 3000 m deep yet only 30 m across at the narrowest part that the local legend said once a tiger leaped across the mighty Yangtze from here, hence the name. Upon arrival in Lijiang, check into a 4 star hotel.


D19 Sightseeing in Lijiang old town which is a World Culture Heritage. You will enjoy the fascinating cobbled lanes with canals run through the whole town. Stay in the 4 star hotel.


D20 Take a morning flight to Kunming, then connect your flight home.


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