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Yushu anniversary horse race festival



Jyekundo(Yushu) anniversary horse race festival, Tibetan riders from far and near will gather there for the race, also many Tibetan will take part in the case in beatiful dress.This tour of anniversary horse race Festival will provide us a chance to join colorfully dressed Kham Tibetan in Kham.


D01 (July 21): Arriving in Xining city from Beijing
D02 (July 22): Xining to Mardo
D03 (July 23): Mardo to Jyekundo (Yushu city)
D04 (July 24): Yushu sightseeing (Jykundo)
D05 (July 25): Yushu horse racing festival
D06 (July 26): Yushu horse racing festival
D07 (July 27): Yushu to Seashuel to Dzochen monastery
D08 (July 28): Dzochen monastery to Manigange to Derge
D09 (July 29): Derge to Baiyu
D10 (July 30): Baiyu to Ganzi
D11 (July 31): Ganzi to Daofu to Tagong
D12 (Aug. 01): Tagong to Rilong town
D13 (Aug. 02): Rilong
D14 (Aug. 03): Rilong to Wolong to Chengdu
D15 (Aug. 04): Chengdu to Beijing or Shanghai

Detailed Itinerary

  D01 (July 21): Arriving in Xining city from Beijing
        5* Qinghai Hotel

You can take flight to reach Beijing on July 20th and stay overnight at Beijing airport hotel, then in the morning of Ju ly 21, you take flight to Xining (capital of Qinghai province); or you fly t reach Beijing in early morning of July 21, take a short res t at airport, you change flight to Xining from Beijing. Upon your arrival in Xining, you will be met by your guide and transferred to the booked hotel for rest of the day.

D02 (July 22): Xining to Mardo               Mardo Guesthouse
Leave Xining city around 7:30AM after breakfasts, visit Tarer monastery, the Kumbum monastery to Gelupa founder: Tsongkaba; then having lunch at the monastery; directly going to Mardo from Huangzhong county after lunch; set up tripods to shoot pretty pictures at Mardo Yellow River bridge; the first bridge over Yellow RiverD03 (July 23): Mardo to Jyekundo (Yushu city)                Yushu Xibeiniu Hotel
Drive around 7 hours to reach Jyekundo (Yushu); on the way, drive over the Bayanka-Lha mountain pass (5249M)
yushu is the political and economic center to Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture. Before going into Yushu town, visit Gyanha Mani stone piles D04 (July 24): Yushu sightseeing (Jykundo)                Yushu Xibeiniu Hotel
Sightseeing in and around Jyekundo. Visit Dangkha monastery and Litang monastery at Litang villageD05 (July 25): Yushu horse racing festival                Yushu Xibeiniu Hotel
Join the festival celebration and participate in the local activities.D06 (July 26): Yushu horse racing festival               Yushu Xibeiniu Hotel
In the morning, go and still join the festival and celebrating activities.
In the afternoon, festival sightseeing and visit the Temple of Princess Wencheng

D07 (July 27): Yushu to Seashuel or continue to Dzochen monastery                Seachuel monastery Hotel or Camping
Leaving Yushu early morning, visit Seashuel monastry before arriving in Seashuel town (Shiqu).
Then go on driving toward Manigange. Before arriving in Manigange, you go and visit Dzochen monastery and Dzochen Five sciences Academy of Buddhism Study,

D08 (July 28): Dzochen monastery to Manigange to Derge                Derge Cholha hotel
Drive over Cholha mountains to get to Derge, Derge is said to be the home of Khambha people and the birth palce of King Gesar, the legendary hero of Kham people.At Manigange, visit Xinlu lake (4040M), close to the lake is the base camp for climbing Cholha mountain
At Derge, visit the famous Derge printing house and Gengqing monastery; these two visits are close to each other, no more than 5 minutes walk between

D09 (July 29): Derge to Baiyu               Baiyu hotel or camping
Today, you can leave Derge early, because the most pretty time for photo taking on this highland is in the morning and in the late afternoon; in that time period, you can avoid strong sunshine and hot weather.
On the way to Baiyu, you go and visit Katoc monastry (Gatuo Si) at Hepo village and Barbang monastery (Ba Bang Si). In July, the road to these two monasteries will be very hard.
When you get to Baiyu, if time allowed, you can go and visit Baiyu monastery for photo taking
Baiyu town is built along the river, the view is marvelous. On your way down to Baiyu from Derge, you will be driving along the famous JinshajiangRiver, the upper reach of Yangtse river.D10 (July 30): Baiyu to Ganzi               Ganzi Khamba Hotel
In the morning, you go out for photo taking, the driver can send you to place where you like to take pictures. Then you drive to Ganzi. On your way to Ganzi, you will drive over grand rocky mountains and see beautiful small lakes scattered on the highland. Upon your arrival in Ganzi, you will be sent to pay a visit to Ganzi monastry and take photos at Ganzi monastery, which overlooks the city. Between your hotel and the monastery are huge stretched villages and house built by old style.D11 (July 31): Ganzi to Daofu to Tagong               Tagong Hotel or Camping
Leaving Ganzi in the morning, on the way to Tagong, you pass by Luhuo and Daofu, there is a monastery at Luhuo town, but it will take about 1 hour to reach it; at Daofu, you can see white pagodas in the countryside.
Tagong is a very interesting and pretty place, where you can visit Tagong monastery (Sakyapa order) and watch snow capped mountains and shining Tajin temple.D12 (Aug. 01): Tagong to Rilong town               4* Siguniangshan Hotel
Drive to Rilong, on the way, you can pay a visit to Local tower-style buildings at Danba.
In the sunset time, we go to Guozhuangpin for picture shooting; Guozhuangpin is the best place for see the 4 peaks of Mt.SiguniangsD13 (Aug. 02): Rilong                4* Siguniangshan Hotel
Today, you go and visit Shuangqiaogou valley or select to visit Haizigou valley.

D14 (Aug. 03): Rilong to Wolong to Chengdu                4* Amaral hotel or 4* Tibet hotel
After taking photos, you drive to Wolong, where you have the lunch and visit the panda feeding center;
Wolong is the biggest panda feeding and research center in the wild in China
After Wolong, there is another 160 kilometers drive; Between Wolong and Chengdu downtown city is Dujiangyan, where a water project is famous through the world for its history and its lasting function on irrigating farmland since its construction in 250 B.C.; till this year, it has been over 2250 years old. You can decide to visit this water project or not.
In late afternoon, you get to Chengdu, check into the booked hotel. Then you are free to arrange your time or ask for other service in the rest of the day. Generally, we will get to Chengdu downtown area around 1600PM
We arrange you local famous foods and local snacks.

D15 (Aug. 04): Chengdu to Beijing or Shanghai
Today you fly to Shanghai or Beijing or Tibet in the morning, you can connect your flight at Shanghai or Beijing in late afternoon or at night.




USD 2380
Single Supp: USD 380

Please Note: Trans Tibet Tours reserves the right to substitute any of the mentioned hotels in the itinerary with properties of the same or similar class should the circumstances require us to do so.

What's Included in Tour Prices:
Four star international standard hotel accommodations, double occupancy in Beijing, Xining and Chengdu. Best hotels or guest house in Maduo,Yushu,Shiqu,Derge,Baiyu,Ganzi,Tagong,Rilong.
Ground transportation (arrival, departure airport transfer and during tours)
Transfers and luggage (1 piece of 45 pounds per person) handling
All sightseeing and activities listed in the itinerary
All meals specified in the itinerary
Service of an English-speaking Tibetan tour guide(according to the group size, we can offer 2 or more guides)
Private and clean vehicle with air-conditioning

What's Not Included in Tour Prices:
International airfare
Gratuities to guides and drivers
Items not listed and/or specified as included in the itinerary


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