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Butter sculpture of Kumbum Monastery

  • Butter sculpture is typical Tibetan Buddhist artistic visual impact. The sculpture is made from mainly butter and other mineral pigments. The butter sculpture is mainly describe Buddhsim deities, butter mandalas, flowers, animals and Buddhist motifs. Traditionally, butter sculptures are displayed on monastery altars and family shrines as offerings. In the session of the Great Prayer Festival, there will be a butter sculpture display and competition at the Jokhang Monastery, Kumbum Monastery and Labrang Monastery.
    Butter sculptures are modeled by hands. Since butter melts easily, monk artists making butter sculptures need to work in cold conditions, they have to dip their hands into cold water to make their fingers cold enough then can they start to model. Monks take great pride to do the religious work. A few tools, such as hollow bones for making long threads and moulds for making leaves and alike, are applied.
  • The butter sculptures of Kumbum Monastery is regarded as a wonder of the world, enjoying a very good reputation all round world. The monastery has a butter sculpture museum housing a collection of fine butter sculptures.
  • Below is some pictures of the butter sculpture show of Kumbum Monastery in 2005.



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