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Monlam Festival, also called the Great Prayer Festival is the grandest religious festival in Tibet during the spring Festival. ...The highlight of the festival will be the'sunning of the Buddha' ceremony, during which a thangka of Buddha measuring 90 ft of length and 60 ft of width will be unfurled on a hillside...

Relese: 27.03.2012.

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Shaman festival tour of 2013

shaman performer

Shamans, or “Lhawa” in Tibetan, are average individuals whose bodies are inhabited by a god at specified times of year. Through the medium of the shaman, the god then advises local people on how to maintain safety and good fortune. Special shaman's festivals are held at which villagers gather to hear the advice of the shaman. Ritual dancing and play- acting by villagers are also part of these festivals. On this trip, you will witness several shaman's festivals occurring in various villages, travel to monasteries, and visit thangka

Relese: 27.02.2012.

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Tibet Festival Photos

  • Butter sculpture of Kumbum monastery
  • Tibetan new year festival
  • Shoton festival

Landscape of Tibet Plateau

  • Tibet rail way
  • Chilian snow Mt
  • Snow mountain
  • Huanglong

Tibet Culture and life

  • monastery temple
  • monastery cham dancing
  • Tibetan Nomads migration
  • Prayer flag
  • Cham dancing
  • Tibetans at festival

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