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Photo Expoditions of Horse Race Festival




(Jul. 21) Day01: Fly or Train to Xining (2230M).3* Xining hotel

Fly to Xining, the capital of Qinghai province. Then you are convenient to reach this booked hotel from airport, there is no pick-up service and guide service today except the hotel booking for you. In the left of the day, you are free to walk around.
The most famous tourism sources are Lake Qinghai , Ta'er Monastery and Yushu (Jyekundo) Horse race Festival.


(Jul. 22) Day02: Xining to Qinghaihu Lake (3200M). B/L/D.3* Qinghaihu hotel
Today visit Famous Dongguan Mosque which is one of the 4 monasteries famous muslim prayer halls; then visit Ta'er Monastery which is about 25 kilometers to the south of Xining and was the birthplace to the founder of Gelupa order. After it, drive west to Qinghai lake, the biggest lake in west China. Overnight by the lake.


(Jul. 23) Day03: Qinghai lake to Gonghe to Mardo (4200M). B/L/D. guesthouse
After viewing the sunrise over the lake, drive south to Mardo, a small town newly built by the upper reach of Yellow river. This town is small but clean, about 70 kilometers further west to the town, there are two twin lakes, the yellow river flows through them.


(Jul. 24) Day04: Mardo to Yushu (Jyekundo).B/L/D.Yushu hotel
Drive further south to Yushu, on the way there, we will drive over the Pass of BayanKhara mountain (4850M). On the way visit Gyanha Mani Piles Hill


(Jul. 25) Day05: join Yushu horse race festival. B/L/D. Yushu hotel
Today is the first day of Yushu (Jyekundo) Horse race festival, join and participate in their celebrations.


(Jul. 26) Day06: join in Yushu (Jyekundo) horse race festival.B/l/D. Yushu hotel
Participating in this famous Yushu horse race festival to find more about this grand celebration in Kham area. In the afternoon, going to visit Temple to Wencheng Princess.


(Jul. 27) Day07: Yushu - Seashuel monastery.B/L/D. Night in Seashuel monastery
Today, we will go to visit Jyekundo monastery (Jiegu monastery), then go to Shiqu. on the way, Visit Seashuel monastery (of Kagyulpa), 40 kilometers before arriving Seashuel county.


(Jul. 28) Day08: Shiqu (Seashuel) – Manigange –Derge. B/L/D. Derge Cholha Hotel
Visit Dzochen monastery at Dzochen village, this monastery is one of the most 3 famous Nyingmapa sect monasteries; at Manigange, spending time by Lake Xinluhai (or named as Tsolha lake)。After lunch continue about 110 kilometers to Derge via Cholha pass (5050 M).


(Jul. 29) Day09: Derge - Paryuel. B/L/D. Golden Yak Hotel
At Derge, in the earlier morning going to visit Derge printing house and Gengchen monastery (Sakyapa sect), and then going to Paryuuel, on the way Visiting Palpun (Babang) monastery and Katoc monastery (of Nyingmapa) at Hepo village.


(Jul. 30) Day10: Paryuel (Baiyu) - Ganzi.B/L/D. Ganzi Khampa Hotel
In the morning, visit the famous Paryuel (Baiyu) monastery, which is overlooking the small mountainious town and the river which flows through the county town; Paryuel monastery is one of the most famous Nyingma monasteries in Kham area; in history of Kham, Nyingma cast great influence of the development of local culture. After this, drive about 200 kilometers to reach Ganzi; on half way, do a quich look to Mengyi monastery at Changtai village.


(Jul. 31) Day11: Ganzi sightseeing.B/L/D. Ganzi Khampa Hotel
Visit Ganzi monastery which is on the top of a hill in the north of the town, and overlook the whole town.after the arranged visit, free time inthe city.


(Aug. 01) Day12: Ganzi - Xinlong - Litang.B/L/D.Litang Hotel
Drive along the Yalong river valley, enjoy its nature beauty. At Litang, join the horse race festival.


(Aug. 02) Day13: Litang horse race festival.B/L/D.Litang Hotel
In the morning going to join the festival and in the late afternoon visit Litang monastery(or we can visit this monastery earlier tomorrow monrning), the 7th Dalai Lama was born around here and stayed here for several years when Tibet was in war in 18th century, and also this is the biggest Monastery in Kham area.


(Aug. 03) Day14: Litang – Daocheng.B/L/D.Daocheng Hotel
Enjoy the festival a awhile then set out for Daocheng, on the way there, visit the Haizi mountains (there are a lot of rocks and stones in all kinds of shape here, it is also a national park for the remnants from the movement of ancient glaciers) and Rabbit peak (its peak looks like the ears of a rabbit). Haizishan area is a good place for taking photos. Before arriving at Daocheng, visit the Bangpu monastery and Zhigong monastery.


(Aug. 04) Day15: Daocheng - Yading.B/L/D.Yading Hotel
Drive to Yading, choose to ride a horse in or hike into the valley, enjoy the views along the valley. Luorong ranch is a wide grass land, it is surrounded by three snow peaks, two of them are 5958m, the third one is 6032m. The shape of third peak looks like a sword head. Enjoy the sunset at Luorong ranch.


(Aug. 05) Day16: Yading - Daocheng.B/L/D.Daocheng Hotel
The beauty of the snow peaks at Luorong ranch is impressive and wonderful. In 1920s - 30s, an American adventurer named Luoke once trekked through here, and his writtings about here caused tremendous impact on western adventurers and European society. After here, ride or hike back to the entrance. Then drive back to Daocheng.


(Aug. 06) Day17: Daocheng - Zhongdian.B/L/D.PACIFIC RIM HOTEL Hotel
At Xiangcheng, Visit the Sangphe monastery (land area over 10,000m, built in 1654), then drive on the zigzaging road through mountains to Zhongdian. At Zhongdian, visit Songzhanlin monastery.(the biggest and most famous Tibetan monastery in Yunnan province).


(Aug. 07) Day18: Zhongdian - Lijiang.B/L/D.Camellia Hotel
Drive to Lijiang from Zhongdian, visit the Tiger jumping gorge at Shigu town, the Jinsha river turns to northeast here. Lijiang old town area looks like traditional Chinese garden style buildings, spend time there strolling around through the old streets and enjoy the beauty of old constructions. At night, opitional choice to enjoy the local Naxi music performance. (Naxi is one of the local minorities)


(Aug. 08) Day19: Lijiang sightseeing.B/L/D.Camellia Hotel
Leisure time in Lijiang old town area.


(Aug. 09) Day20: Lijiang - Kunming by air
Fly to Kunming from Lijiang. Service end.


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