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Tibet is rich with customs and culture. The people are beautiful and hold fast to an ancient way of life. But modern day conveniences like automotive and cell phone technology is slowly moving into the lives of the Tibetan people. Additionally, influences of Mainland China’s government are slowly changing Tibetan life.

Towns and villages scattered in vast remote locations show the impact of emerging technology that we often take for granted but these places still host the life style of an ancient people. There is still time to witness and experience the life among the Tibetan people. Deeper, among the high plains of the roof of the world, where the landscape is vast and much larger than life, nomads can be found living in their tents and traveling with their livestock that provides them material for their cloths and shelter, food, and a means for bartering with other nomads or villages.

Come journey on a photographic expedition to capture what is left of the beautiful country side, the Tibetan people and their lifestyle, where time is not measured by the tick of a clock but by the activities of the day and the seasons of the year.

Travel by 4-wheel drive into the wilderness of the highlands of Tibet reaching places that only a few people in the world have ever seen and even fewer have ever traveled. Learn about the Tibetan people, their culture, their lives, and mostly, a way of photographing Tibet and its people in a friendly, non-destructive, non-disruptive way that will preserve the images of an ancient culture.

Please note: These expeditions are rough and require the willingness to live in conditions that often do not include hot running water, electricity, or mobile phone contact for days at a time. Though not extreme, do expect expedition camping like conditions.

Ground transportation, meals, lodging, group guides/translators are included. Please bring your own photographic gear; flim, digital, or both.
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