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    Trans Tibet has been providing guided tours throughout Tibet since 1998. We also provide tour and travel guides for trekking for individuals or groups. Take a look at the many places and events that we include in our packages. Or, if you like, we can custom make a travel package to meet your needs.  Trans Tibet offers comprehensive itineraries throughout the Tibetan plateau, including all three traditional provinces: Utsang, Kham and Amdo.
 We specialise in carefully designed and customised itineraries which reflect our clients diverse interests: Tibetan Buddhism, art, botany, ethnic festivals, filming, photography, horse-riding, cycling, trekking, and mountaineering. Trans Tibet attracts clients from all continents, and particularly from Europe and North America.
      On the ground, our groups are escorted by experienced local guides who generally speak English, Tibetan and Chinese, although German, French, and Japanese speaking guides can also be provided. When required, groups may additionally be accompanied by Tibetologists in person.



Trek Tours

Amdo Trek-Labrang to Kumbum   Mt.Minya Konka trek of Kham
Amnye Machen Trek of Amdo Trek at Nyenpo Yutse of amdo
Kailash trek Deger Trek with Lithang horse race festival
Mt. Meili trek of Kham Mekong river source horse riding trek
Trek from Lake Kokonor to Kumbum Monastery 4 days trek from Yulung Latso to Deger
Trek around Lake Namtso Silk Road and Gobi Desert<badan jarain> Trekking Tour


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