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Silk Road and Gobi Desert<badan jarain>
Trekking Tour

Badan Jarain Desert is located in the west of  Inner Mongolia,it covers 40000 square km,the altitude is 1200m-1617m above sea level.The highest sand dune in the world is here,we call “Everest in desert”.There are 124 lakes totally in this desert,and 14 among 124 lakes are fresh water lakes.we pass through 2 fresh water lakes.Singing sand hills,Everest climbing,camel caravan,holy spring,Buddhism temple ,10 days trekking  and the  sceneries  along Silk Road are so impressive.

Remember this tour, the trek part you can use Jeep to cross the desert, also very good option. About 6 days from east to west and 4 days from north to south.

  • badan jarain desert
  • badan jarain desert temple


01.Day  fly to Beijing

02.Day  arr. Beijing, fly to Lanzhou ,airport hotel 3*

03.Day drive 240km,6 hours to Wuwei,s/s Confucian temple and Leitai tomb from Han dynasty,Tianma hotel3*

04.Day drive 250km to the Bridge --camel home via Alashan Youqi,trek 15km ,5h,camp nearby Zhuguitu ,1400m 

05.Day trekking 18km,7 hours to cross 2 sand dunes,camp nearby sweet water lake---Subajarain ,1200m

06.Day trekking 18km to Barunyikeri lake,7 hours,camp,1300m

07.Day trekking 20km,8 hours across big sand dune and big hole,reach Badan Jarain monastery,camp,1250m

08.Day visit the temple,trekking 15km,6 hours, to Huhejarain salt lake -- basecamp of “Everest”-the highest sand dune in the world-1617 m, 1300m ,climbing the “everest”, 3 hours up and down, base-camp.1300m

09.Day trekking 18km,6 hours in south direction to Bilutu lake?salt lake via big sand dune,camp,1200m

10.Day trekking 15km ,6 hours to Noertu ?lake—the biggest lake in Badanjarain desert,camp,1350

11.Day trekking 18km,6 hours to Wuhetu ?Salt lake,camp,1300

12.Day trekking 20km to Baoritalegai ?-fresh lake with fish inside,camp,1300

13.Day trekking out to the museum of deserts,15km,drive bus 60km to Alanshan Youqi hotel-3*

14.Day drive 160km ,3 hours to Zhangye,s/s big Sleeping Buddha, Huachen hotel-4*

15.Day drive 240km, 4 hours ?to Jiayuguan,s/s the Old City-the west end of the Great Wall ,Great Wall hotel-3*

16.Day drive 360km, 7 hours to Dunhuang,Dunhuang hotel-4*

17.Day s/s Maogao Grottoes and Half Moon Lake, night train to Turpan,on train-soft sleeper

18.Day arr.Turpan in morning,visit Gaochang Ancient City Remains and Astana tomb,Kan Er well,Sugong Buddhism Pagoda,Osis hotel-3*

19.Day drive 180km to Urumqi,visit Museum, Holiday Inn-4*

20.Day drive to Tianchi(lake) in Tian Shan mount and back Urumqi,Holiday Inn-4*

21.Day fly to Beijing,s/s Olimpic Stadium, Temple of Heaven,silk shops in Xiushui street, Dongfang hotel,4*

22.Day visit Tian’anmen Square,Forbidden City,Jing Shan park, Dongfang hotel-4*

23.Day s/s Great Wall,Ming Tomb,Holy Road, Dongfang hotel-4*

24.Day fly back Europe


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