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The Great Prayer Festival of Amdo 2024

Dates: 12 February  — 26 Feruary 2024


A. The Great Prayer Festival of Amdo: Repkong and Ngawa

  • 12 Feb Arrive Beijing
  • 13 Feb Beijing fly Ziling-Kumbum (Tsongkha Hotel, visit Kumbum monastery)
  • 14 Feb Kumbum-Febtsangdrak-Sengeshong Yagotsang (for Maitreya procession)-Repkong (Repkong Hotel)
  • 15 Feb Repkong (Visit Sengeshong Yagotsang for tangkha display; also Rongpo Gonchen) (Repkong Hotel)
  • 16 Feb Repkong (Visit Sengeshong Yagotsang for sacred masked dances) (Repkong Hotel)
  • 17 Feb Repkong (Visit Sengeshong Magotsang and Nyentok Gonpa for tangkha displays) (Repkong Hotel)
  • 180 Feb Repkong (Visit Gomar Gonpa for tangkha display and Sengeshong Magotsang for Maitreya procession) (Repkong Hotel)
  • 19 Feb Repkong-Zhongpen Chi-Labrang (Overseas Tibetan Hotel, Visit Labrang Monastery)
  • 20 Feb Labrang-Luchu-Ruoergai (Ruoaigai Hotel)
  • 21 Feb Ruoerai-Mewa Gonpa- Ngawa (Nyenpo Yurtse Hotel)
  • 22 Feb Ngawa (Visit Kirti Gonpa and Setenling Gonpa for tangkha displays, debates and trials of strength)
  • 23 Feb Ngawa (Kirti monastery for nomadic procession, masked dances and burnt offering ceremony)
  • 24 Feb Ngawa (Nangzhik Gonpa for Nore Gamcher circumambulation ceremony, and Tokden Gonpa)
  • 27 Feb Ngawa (Visit Nangzhik Gonpa for Bon masked dances and offering rites)-drive Lhagyeling Hot Spring (Guesthouse)
  • 25 Feb Lhagyeling Hot Spring-Tashiling-Wenchuan-Chengdu (Sofitel Wanda Hotel)
  • 26 Feb Chengdu-fly Beijing-Exit




B. The Great Prayer Festival: Repkong and Labrang monastery

  • 15 Feb Arrive Beijing
  • 16 Feb Beijing fly Ziling-Kumbum (Tsongkha Hotel, visit Kumbum monastery)
  • 17 Feb Kumbum-Febtsangdrak-Repkong (Repkong Hotel, Visit Nyentok Monastery and Sengeshong Magotsang for Tangkha display)
  • 18 Feb Repkong (Visit Sengeshong Magotsang for Maitreya procession and Gomar Gonpa for Tangkha display)
  • 19 Feb Repkong (Visit Sengeshong Magotsang for masked dances of exorcism; also Yagotsang)
  • 20 Feb Repkong (Revisit Gomar Gonpa for masked dances of the Great Prayer Festival)
  • 21 Feb Repkong-Zhongpen Chi-Labrang ( Baoma Tibetan Hotel, Visit Labrang Tashikyil Monastery)
  • 22 Feb Labrang (Thangkha display)
  • 23 Feb Labrang (masked dances)
  • 24 Feb Labrang (Visit Labrang Tashikyil, view butter sculpture display)
  • 25 Feb Labrang (Maitreya Procession)-drive Linxia-Lanzhou (JJ Yun Hotel)
  • 26 Feb Lanzhou-fly Beijing (Febco Polo Hotel, Visit Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City)
  • 27 Feb Exit


Photos of Tibetan new year of Amdo in 2008
mother and daughter of Tibetan
Masked dance of Wutun Mon.
folk guardian of monastery
The top of Torma offerings
Tibetan lady wearing festival dress
Huge Tangkha display ceremony
masked dance in Labrang Mon.
the masked dance just begining

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